Zurich is Switzerland’s largest city, although it is not its capital. It is the business and financial centre for Switzerland, and most famous for its banking sector. Home to the world’s fourth most importance stock exchange, Zurich is located at 409m above sea level on Switzerland’s central plain. It is at the northern tip of the Zürichsee (Lake Zurich).

The city’s cobblestones streets Old Town was built around the River Limmat with its west bank being the older part of the town. Along both side of the river banks are rolled out with pedestrian-only areas walk ways.

Recognisable Landmark:

The Fraumünster and Grossmünster Churches
It stood on each side of the river guarding the city. Together with St. Peter’s church, they are what I will call the Three Sisters of Zurich. No trip to Zurich is complete without visiting these three sisters.

Bahnhofstrasse lights up Zurich City as one of Europe most prestigious street for shopping and strolling. It has all kind of shops, from banks to pastry shops, departmental stores to boutiques. Adding fuel to that, Zurich annually hosts a Street Parade in the month of August.

Lake Zurich
The icing to the cake is its picturesque Lake Zurich and its mountains as background to this city. With a population of some 360 000 inhabitants, it can’t be call a city. But with Bahnhofstrasse and street parade, it is thinking big. Couple with its fame for banking and stock exchange, it is a small city with a big charm to be able to attract both tourist and business traveller. Zurich is becoming what it intended to be - the ‘Little Big City’.