The technical areas include but are not limited to the following:

Wireless system architectures
Network protocols
Network services
Communication theory and systems
Social network
QoS and multimedia networking
Network applications
Security, authentication, and cryptography
Algorithmic aspects of communication networks
Signal processing techniques and tools
Network operation and management
Internet of things
Network design and performance evaluation
On-line social networks
Complex network models


  • Localization for wireless networks
    Network estimation and processing techniques
    Mesh, relay, sensor and ad hoc networks
    Mobility, location, and handoff management
    Mobile and wireless IP
    Wireless multicasting, routing
    Robust routing
    Multimedia QoS and traffic management
    Wireless broadcast, multicast and streaming
    Congestion and admission control
    Proxies and middleware for wireless networks
    Wireless network security and privacy
    Performance of E2E protocols over wireless networks